The maintenance of our health has a direct effect on our minds and also the physical abilities of our body’s. Whether young or old, there are no limits to what you can achieve as long as you take the time and effort to prepare and look after your body through the intake of whole natural foods and clean, fresh water devoid of chemical additives. An excellent all-around training program full of variation from aerobic to anaerobic activities should also become a mainstay in your overall health program. The KT3 system provides this with rigorous sessions in both resistance and cardiovascular training.

We also incorporate Tai Chi and a little Yoga for flexibility, fluidity of motion and for the mind to body connection. This is where the philosophies of Tai Chi and Tao Te Ching are elaborated on in open discussions and are gone into in great depth.

Some of the most important learning of the Martial Arts is not in the physical but in the psychological. Once you begin to know yourself, know your abilities and know your surroundings the confidence in every aspect of your life improves dramatically.

 This part of the training program is, in fact, the hardest and most in-depth time of learning. The self defence (or fighting) part of the program is physically demanding but to balance the mind with the body so that they become one is a very long and difficult road but one that is most satisfying to accomplish

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