I Got Beat!

I Got Beat!

Greetings Warrior Friend,

Today I want to share a secret about myself that I don’t

usually share with other people. It’s the reason I started my

Martial Arts journey.

The reason I become a Wing Chun Master... training UFC Fighters, Special Force Military and

regular students just like you was because of all the bullying I faced as a child...

I grew up during a time of war in Vietnam. And because I was half Chinese, it made me

the prime target for bullying and regular beatings...

During school… I got Beat!

After school... I got Beat!

On the streets... I got Beat!

Even at home... I got Beat!

I was a walking punching bag, and it all started when I was four years old and didn’t stop for about eight years.

Imagine living in constant fear of physical abuse the second you wake up until the moment you

wither in the fatal position and await your sleep.

That’s how I grew up.

In war and racism.

With no education and...

Always on the losing side of fights. (it’s hard to defend yourself when a gang of 5 bullies would

sucker punch you to the ground and then stomp on your head without mercy.)

When my mom would see me come home all ruined, she would slap me some more because

She thought I was causing trouble.

I could never escape the violence. I had no friends and no support.

I was alone and scared, but yet still...

I regret NOTHING. My pain and suffering have made me stronger. It has given me drive and

purpose in life. And guess what? My purpose most certainly involves you and +2,500,000 of my


I’m on a mission to turn innocent souls into fearless protectors.

But I couldn’t have reached this far alone. Not without a Master to teach and train me the ways

of a fearless protector.

Having no master or coach to show you the way is like chasing deer without a guide... it will

only lead you into a bush.

I don’t want you to get lost in a bush. I won’t let that happen...

Which is why in my brand-new Wing Chun Combat System I will guide you step-by-step the

same techniques I use to train pro fighters, doormen and black belt masters.

⇒ Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao: your first step into the power of close quarter protection

(Be Aware! If the page is loading slow, give it a second, The Wing Chun System has quickly become one of the

the most in-demand online training course of its kind)

I don’t know how long I will keep this training course available since these techniques and

concepts took me over 30 years to discover and perfect, I wouldn’t want them getting in the

wrong hands.

If you’re a bully, then close the page because my Wing Chun system is not for you.

Still here? 

I knew you were someone with good intentions. You’re a badass!

A Lethal Badass who people respect and feel safe around.

I love it.

That’s you.

Or, if not, it will be SOON.

Until then, train hard, and let’s get after it.

Time for some wooden dummy training.

See you soon, lethal badass.

- Master Wong, founder of KT3 Combat Systems­­

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