This fast paced, action packed book, tells the story of a young man growing up in an ever increasing violent world, full of obstacles and challenges that he must face alone.

With an uncertain future for his family and the upheaval of constantly moving home he finds himself confronted by a violent street gang.

After being attacked by this gang he realises he must take action against them, for if he doesn’t make a stand now, then he’s setting himself up to be bullied for the rest of his life.

We follow Marvin’s journey as he seeks out the help of a Martial Arts Master who trains him up from nothing to become a very competent fighter using his tried and tested KT3 street combat system.

Marvin, like most people, hates to fight but knows that it’s a necessary evil he must learn in order to change his circumstances.

This book will take you through the mindset of the victim and will show you what it takes to become the victor of your own destiny.

The theme of the book is also geared towards learning the self defence techniques necessary to win over your opponents in the shortest possible time.

It is also written as a part of the Anti-Bullying Campaign to make people more aware of the subject and the steps that you can take if you know of anybody in this same situation.

The Event Master Wong