The last book in the series has Chrissy playing the main character this time. Being the love interest of Marvin if Changed Everything you’d expect this to be your ‘Run of the Mill’ romantic novel. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

This is the most gripping, blood curdling and violent story out of them all so far. We follow Chrissy into the dark and deadly underworld of human trafficking and the sex trade where life means nothing and the drug overdoses and execution-style killings of sure girls are merely written off as a business loss.

We take a peek into Chrissy’s brutal past and find out what turned her into the highly confident, young woman that we see today. With her charismatic yet purely sexual charms, she can hypnotise most men and get what she wants from them.

Is Master Wong just another victim of her charms or does he have something up his sleeve when it comes to this girl of many talents? Only time will tell. He’s managed to put Marvin on the straight and narrow and got his life running in the exact direction that he wanted for him from the start.

Could Chrissy destroy everything that Master Wong has accomplished all within a week?

The violence and psychological trauma caused within the pages of this book are not for the squeamish or the faint of heart.

The time, place and method of attack play a hugely important role in this hardcore sex and bloody, violent, action story of two separate worlds that merge into one.

The theme of this last book in the series is to show the reader, violence in its most extreme form. The only way we can overcome this is by utilising peaceful and tactical means of fighting, either physically or psychologically.

We go beyond the normal parameters of what our Martial Arts are needed for here, but it also gives you the insight to know what your body is capable of if you were ever in any situation remotely similar.

When your survival instincts kick into play, it’s merely a matter of ‘It’s either them or you.’

 A real fighter fights for those who can’t. He fights to protect not reputation.