The KT3 System

The KT3 system is an operating system, not a fighting style. It is explicitly designed with one goal in mind, to stop an attacker by any means necessary, according to the level of danger you’re facing at that time.

It was designed at first to prevent trained and professional fighters from going to prison for fights they never started but ones that they’d finished. Because of its simplicity, power and hidden moves (that can go unnoticed even under the scrutiny of CCTV footage) we thought that the world should know about these techniques as there are many people now in jail for merely protecting themselves or their family and friends from thugs and psychos.

Obviously, an altercation in a nightclub would be dealt with in a completely different way to a back alley mugging or assault with a deadly weapon, but all of the main principles remain the same. They all come in 3’s and when it comes to defending a serious assault the principles used are a surprise, speed and direct violent action.

KT3 actually stands for Kung Fu Tactics 3. The 3 we’ve just clarified as the main principles within the system. Although the K stands for Kung Fu, we mean any and all systems of fight defence and the physical work we put in to attain the levels of skill required to get the job done in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Kung Fu itself literally translates as ‘Work Man’ so has nothing to do with the particular style of fighting you prefer, and anyway, every and all Martial Arts have roots to Shaolin Kung Fu.

The tactics we use are unprecedented to any other combat system in the way that many confrontations can be avoided. This is something that isn’t taught in any other fight system as the main aim is to submit your opponent, K.O. Them or hurt them in a variety of ways for you to win.

The KT3 tactics we apply vary from reverse psychology, humour, the shock syndrome or can be as simple as smiling at your aggressive psychopathic attacker while sympathising with his situation, all while moving in quickly to gain control by armlock or other position then taking the guy down while telling him to calm down as you don’t want to fight. These may seem like pretty outlandish claims, but they’ve all been tried and tested in the field over many years.

The psychological part of fighting is the very most important aspect as anybody will tell you who knows about battle tactics or professional fight. They’ll let you know themselves that most battles are won before the fighting even begins.

Sometimes, it can be put right down to the time, the place and the method of attack. Another of the 3 principles we use. If you’re not in that place at the wrong time, then their method of attack simply cannot happen. But if something were to happen, then at least you will have the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to do something to turn a negative situation into a positive.

Whatever your situation or predicament you will find that the KT3 system has something for you. Whether you want to use it as an ‘add-on’ system to your current style or you want to immerse yourself in the total lifestyle, then the choice is yours

Self Defence

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The Event in Vietnam is set in the beautiful location of Pu Luong overlooking the mountains and valley’s below. It’s a perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of action packed adventure and training. We offer a wide range of activities from within the KT3 system as well as it’s concepts and philosophies.


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