Master Wong Self Defense Workshop in London (Southwark) September 2017 [EARLY BIRD OFFER]

Master Wong Self Defense Workshop in London (Southwark) September 2017 [EARLY BIRD OFFER]

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Master Wong Self Defense Workshop in London (Southwark)

Master Wong will be holding an exclusive self defense training workshop in London Southwark at the end of September, spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. You will also get the chance to engage in a group Q and A session with Master Wong himself, with a focus on confidence boosting and self-development.

Once your booking has been confirmed, you will be sent a FREE Wing Chun Master course (worth £100) from the Udemy platform after the workshop. The course will give you an insight on what our training system has to offer. You would have to register your details with your e-mail on the day should you wish to claim the free course.
As known, Master Wong's System is very different from the rest, how’s that? Recognising that combat today is different from the period when the style was developed. Master Wong has modified the art making it applicable for the streets today. Enabling you to learn to defend against the many fighting arts that are widely used from other backgrounds.
Master Wong workshops will give you an experience that you will never forget and will leave you energised, excited to practice and ready to learn more! As described by participants, the training is free flowing, vibrant and refreshing as well as being fairly traditional.

Please bring water or a drink with you to keep hydrated. If you have any training equipment such as boxing gloves, shin pads, chest pads etc bring them with you.
Master Wong uses layer training so you are able to maintain the skills you may have previously learned. allowing your training to be re-enforced. Master Wong has training courses to support the training that you have learned from his workshop/seminar so you can continue to develop your skills on your own or in your club. You can reference back to the videos 24/7 on your computer, tablet or smart phone by simply using the Udemy platform.

These exclusive workshops/seminars limit the number of participants to ensure the delivery of quality training, along with having plenty of space to train comfortably. Be ready for a fun and energetic training session with Master Wong and his team!

Once you have purchased your ticket please print out your confirmation and bring it to the workshop as this will act as your electronic ticket. You can also pre order any uniform such as Master Wong T-shirts, Bottoms, Hoodies and Zip Hoodies, to collect on the day.
When you order from the Master Wong System website the shipping fee will be refunded once you have collected your order from the workshop/Seminar.