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After catching one too many beatdowns from the local bullies, Marvin looks online to find the one man that can show him how to fight back, the master of the most lethal system out today.
What does it take to change the will of a man? Who can he count on to show him a new way? How will he find the right path in life if his pathway home is fraught with danger? If he can’t even protect himself then how can he defend his family? Who can he turn to for help and who will always be there by his side when it needs it the most?
Take the journey with Marvin as he is instructed in the KT3 system. Learn as Master Wong guides him through the basics and on through the four pillars of his lethal style of Kung Fu Tactics 3. A style that will guide not only Marvin but you yourself to become more than you ever thought possible!
Surprise, Speed, and Direct Violent Action thrust him into the dark and perilous world he never knew existed. A place where back alley gyms, high tech gadgetry, and secret doorways and passages come flooding into his world. Journey with Marvin side by side as destiny guides him to the Event That Changed Everything! Welcome to KT3. Welcome to the future.

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