Self-Defense Instructor Course

Self-Defense Instructor Course

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Instructor Distance Learning Course £500

The Master Wong instructor course is for all students aspiring to become a fully qualified instructor. This extensive curriculum covers the necessary skills you’ll need to represent the Master Wong system in your area. Course material include;

Access to Udemy Teaching and Learning material

e-Assessment Criteria,

e-Assessment Portfolio,

e-Learning Resources and Assessment Worksheets.

All forms, techniques and combat applications of your chosen discipline.

On completion of the course, students will have the chioce to ‘opt in’ for an optional mountain retreat, personally overseen by Master Wong to ensure that your skill set has reached the required standard.

Once the student is fully qualified they will be required to purchase instructor insurance to start teaching official classes. All Instructors are admitted to the Master Wong instructor inner circle, to further develop both as a student and an instructor.

What's Included Instructor Course

Private Lesson

2 Hour (worth £300)
T-shirt Worth £20
Jogging Bottom Worth £20
VIP Secret Facebook Group Instructor Membership

Worth £2,000

Instructor Membership Worth £500
Updates Udemy Worth £100
Instructor Course Worth £100
Include Grading Worth £500
Complete Diet and Nutrition [ebook] Worth £50
Instructor Certificate Worth £50
Total Value £3,650


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